National Educational Leadership Award, JGT Foundation of San Francisco (1996)

“Step To” College Distinguished Teaching Award, San Francisco State University (1991)

California Alliance for Arts Education Outstanding Achievement Award (1990)

Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity Molecular Art Appreciation Award (1984)

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Faculty Fellowship, Michigan State University (1978)

Outstanding Teaching Award for Chemistry, California Polytechnic State University (1977)

Danforth Associate, The Danforth Foundation (1974)

U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Postdoctoral Fellowship, UCLA (1970-1971)

Argonne Universities Association Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory (1967-1970)

Footprints in the Chaotic Unknown
Art  Science  Oracles  Kinfolk
Volume I, Act I―Genesis and Coming of Age
(an Autobiographical Memoir)
By Grant D. Venerable II

This first volume of a four-volume illustrated tetralogy, offers the reader an intimate, if riveting account of the author’s innermost thoughts, struggles, and triumphs through life dimensions rarely spoken of in the same breath. The author’s own pathways parallel those of resourceful ancestors who survived, against the odds, in chaotic, uncertain, and unknown worlds. Importantly, these forbears managed the delicate balance of tantalizing dualities of time and space, the feminine and the masculine, art and science, spiritual and secular, and the intuitive versus the rational-empirical.

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